5 Indisputable Benefits of Coaching Little League

Do you want to make an impact on youth athletes?

Improve your leadership skills? 

Love America’s favorite pastime?

If you answered yes, to any of those questions, Reedsburg Little League needs you. 

Little League Baseball is a great way for young athletes to learn the mechanics of the game. And the perks of becoming a coach stretch far beyond the game.

Baseball teaches hidden life lessons along the way…

Here are 5 Indisputable Benefits of Coaching Little League Baseball

  • COPING WITH FAILURE: A player strikes out. He hangs his head in disappointment. He knows it is hard to point the finger and lay blame on someone else. How valuable of a skill is it when you can be un-phased by failure and accept it as a part of life? Sometime life doesn’t go our way. A project you’re working on may not be going so well or you miss a sales quota you really needed to hit. Learning to cope with failure is a part of life.
  • COPING WITH SUCCESS: You hit a homerun. What do you do? Do the endzone dance, point fingers and make fun of the other team? Obviously not. We want to teach young players to remain humble and thankful for the opportunities given to them. Something as simple as “asking for the ball” after a pitcher strikes out a batter or a hitter smashes a homerun. Whatever the method, be consistent, always do the same thing. It teaches humility and respect.
  • WORKING AS A TEAM: A player drops a routine fly ball. Do you get on him/her? Do you let other players put him/her down? Do you console him/her? None of the above. You say something simple like “Next Pitch” and your player says “Next Pitch”. You care about your players, you’re there for them and Next Pitch simply means “We’re here for you as a team, let it go and move on”. This is the hardest for youngsters to learn because it involves controlling their emotions. But if a team gets it, it’s a powerful life skill.
  • DEALING WITH BAD CALLS: An ump calls you out when you were safe by 12 feet. It happens all the time. Umpires are people too, they aren’t perfect. But you don’t yell at them. There’s no moaning or complaining. The hidden life lesson here is that LIFE is not fair. Just ask yourself, is it fair that some people get pulled over and receive a ticket for speeding and others don’t? Learning to deal with this is great thing. Overcoming it is even better.
  • INSPIRING OUR YOUTH: Unlike motivation, inspiration can last a lifetime. As a coach, you have the opportunity to inspire our youth well beyond baseball. Little League Baseball can be a starting point in the road to greatness for young athletes. Help them in their journey be being their coach!

With these benefits of coaching a Little League Team, we invite you to get started and make an impact by sharing your wisdom with the younger generation!

We need Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches, so any and all MOMs and DADs interested, please let us know. If you are interested, please fill out Volunteer Application form (it’s a background check – RLL is made up of all volunteers, so everyone has to fill one out.) located in “My Account” when you click “LOGIN” on ReedsburgLittleLeague.com.

For convenience here’s a short video on how to sign up as a coach: https://www.loom.com/share/d2c7694cb2ed44639be6c530f74e9901

Once you have completed the application, hit “reply” to this email or send an email directly to info@reedsburglittleleague.com to send us a note letting us know you have sent it. Thank you! We can’t have enough coaches/help.

We appreciate your help in advance,
~Reedsburg Little League