December Board Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2022 – 8:00PM

Location: Reedsburg Recreation Center

Minutes – Reedsburg Little League

Meeting called to order – 8:00

Special Guest – 

Topics from the public.  (The board will not discuss or take action on any of the items brought forward at this meeting.) – 

Approve minutes from Prior meeting. (Attached) – Travis Bohen made a motion to approve, with a 2nd Erik Ribbke, all in favor.  Motion carries.

Treasurer report.  Derek Landsdale made a motion to approve, with a 2nd Scott Whitsett, all in favor.  Motion carries.

Chair updates

Safety Update – None

Player Agent / Web Master Update – Sample website to be created and show look for Lenny tournament/LL website

Tournament Director Update 

Tourney launched before new year- Teams are signing up

AAA Update  – None

Minors Update   – None

Majors Update  – None

Babe Ruth Update: 

Host 15u State Tourney- New Director in program- possibly give up our hosting??

JV / Varsity Update  – None

Little League Umpire Update – None

Babe Ruth / JV / Varsity Umpire Update- Thad Meister (WI Dells) looking to create Wisconsin River Baseball League including Reedsburg. Would like 2 reps to represent each town involved (Erik and Derek named) to set rules and league schedule. Possibly have 13, 14 and a 15-year-old league.  

Equipment Update- Order for balls placed with total being around 6k

Open Business

 Need to update LL Website for new board members

2023 calendar- discussing dates to finalize- LL evaluation- 3/18? Start date?- will finalize for calendar 

**(added)Open Gyms- Sundays starting Jan 15th from 3:00-6:00 with HS at 6:00-8:30. We will have both large and small gym. No open gyms on 29th as gyms will be used to host the Blizzard Tourney. 

**(added)Summer Tourney sign-ups- Travis, Travis and Aaron to sign teams up. Hoping to have 9U-12U together when possible. 


Board Concerns (No action will be taken on the presented items) 

Adjourn meeting 8:41

Next Meeting January 9th